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Although the web site is fully operational, it is not possible to make purchases. The site is operational for demonstration only, to prospect business buyers. After over 10 years of operations we are now selling our crafting business. If it might be of interest to you do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for your support throughout the years.


  Let's save the craft

To preserve leather crafting as an art form is a very important aspect of our job. Each one of the leather tobacco pouches is conceptualized and crafted in the traditional way.

Nowadays trends do not pay too much attention to products which are uniquely handmade by creative artisans. We preserve the craft, by simply doing it.


Tobacco pouch handmade   100% handmade
Are you looking for an Italian handmade leather tobacco pouch? Would you like it personalized?
Don't look any further, our rolling tobacco pouches are fully handcrafted using only the highest quality leather hides; quality, strength and style are out of question.
Andrea and Emiliano, Italian artisans living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, make the tobacco pouches piece by piece, giving each of the items the greatest care and attention to details.

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A social success

Thanks to your precious world of mouth and the social network, we can keep on doing what we are passionate about. The tobacco pouches are reaching more and more friends worldwide on a daily basis, helping them to organize their rolling habit and lives.

We simply find amazing the way we are able to connect with our customers and keep on providing value, well past the purchase stage... in brief, we are making friends and it feels good, just like in the "pre-internet" workshop days .

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Andrea Lodovichetti Our customers

Andrea Lodovichetti, movie director, winner of the Golden Globe in 2009 for Best Short Movie with his "Sotto il mio giardino" and renowned Italian artist in important official movie selections and Festivals worldwide, chooses

His motto is "Don't be cheap on your dreams.
Forever trust in who you are. And nothing else matters."


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Andrea and Emiliano. The crafters   The story behind

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in creating leather accessories of the highest quality, of course handmade piece by piece ... the leather craft requires from us time, dedication, patience and gives us a lot of satisfaction and loyal customers.

The rolling tobacco pouches are unique, long lasting leather creations designed to be easy to use. The reasons for the tobacco pouch success are our typical Italian lifestyle and the dedication we apply every day to our job and to our customers.

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Find the rolling tobacco pouch on Facebook Twitter
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